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Plant cleaning control process: riboflavin test

Plant cleaning control process: riboflavin test

In order to offer a more complete service, Masterinox is carrying out for years Riboflavin tests on equipments.

Riboflavin test is meant to show the right equipment cleanability as well as to take action before the same is delivered, if necessary.

A right equipment cleaning is often a critical issue, especially for the chemical and petrochemical sector, where it is crucial to reduce the areas subject to contamination to a minimum.

Hence the need for carrying out a test, proving that the cleaning was successful and leftovers from previous processing have been fully removed.

At Masterinox, this process is carried out by means of Riboflavin test: it’s a B2 vitamin molecule, which, due to its properties, sticks to the machine walls and turns fluorescent upon using ultraviolet light, thus making critical areas now visible for a more intensive cleaning.

The test includes following steps:

  • we apply the solution containing riboflavin evenly by means of atomizers onto the internal walls of the machine, reaching the most hidden areas;
  • after checking correct application using UV light, we start machine cleaning (washing);
  • we record all data during the cleaning process and finally start the check of proper cleaning in order to release the CIP validation report.

We deliver to the customer photos and description papers of the whole process, which are necessary for the final GMP/FDA validation of the whole plant.

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