Masterinox is an Italian specialized manufacturer, having a strong experience in engineering and manufacturing equipments and plants for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, cosmetics and fine chemistry. Masterinox can cover all operational steps, from design to construction up to turnkey delivery.

Due to a long experience in the sector over the years, Masterinox can design and manufacture devices and plants for multiple products, both in the liquid and the solid form. Our equipments are continuously enhanced in compliance with international standard by using the most advanced manufacturing processes. Thanks to its dynamic and modern organization, Masterinox is able to meet all customers’ needs.

The whole plant is designed by Masterinox by implementing advanced software programs, in according to the individual needs and in strict cooperation with the customer.

With the purpose of obtain best functionality and longer duration over the time, we use high quality materials and components during all phases of the construction of our equipments.

For our devices we use high quality components and materials: this allows to achieve best properties and a long life.

Our mission is offering on the market an excellent product, being perfectly reliable and secure in performing all the tasks which they are meant for. This in favor of everyone’s health.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

(Mahatma Gandhi)



Our vision of the QUALITY CONCEPT doesn’t only refer to the product features, but more precisely to the PRODUCT / USER relationship. The quality aim for Masterinox S.r.l. is to deliver products meeting in all aspects the customers’ requirements.

The quality of every product is certainly influenced by its physical, functional, aestethic properties as a whole; the company workforce is highly committed in working on them in order to implement the most advanced techniques, which are peculiar for our sector.

Always focussing our attention on the product/user relationship, we consider QUALITY as the “DEGREE OF SATISFACTION ACHIEVED BY THE PRODUCT PROPERTIES TO MEET USERS’ NEEDS”.

At Masterinox S.r.l., quality is assured from the receipt of the order till the delivery of the product. The main goals to achieve are:

  • a fully client satisfaction oriented policy;
  • finding out simple processes, procedures and operational instructions, which are useful for the activity to be performed;
  • reducing the failure quality costs, deriving from incorrect application of the system being adopted;
  • improving sensibility, cooperation spirit and care of the whole staff for quality aspects;
  • strictly cooperating with suppliers in order to extend and improve the product and service range as well as increasing market competitiveness;
  • taking care of the human resources management in order to get a qualified team and creating durable relationships.

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After having been awarded with a number of certifications, we can certify and mark our devices according to the most important regulations, i.e. PED/CE, SELO (China), ASME (U-STAMP) as well as ATEX.

Following materials are mainly used:

– ASTM A 333 Gr.1/2- ASTM A LF2 carbon steel for low temperatures

– AISI 304-304L-316-316L-316 Ti

– AISI 321

– ALLOY 400-600-625-800-825

– ALLOY B2-C276-C22-C4

– 904L

– 254 SMO

– DUPLEX SAF 2205 – SAF 2507 – SANICRO 28 and others

– TITANIUM Grade 1/Grade 2


The main calculation codes for pressure equipments are:

– EN 13445-3


– AD 2000

– ASME VIII div.1

– B.S. ( 5000 )




We are cooperating with following main notified bodies:


– T.U.V.



– AQSIQ ( China )


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Certificazione ASME

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