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Special processing: 254 SMO internal Coil

Special processing: 254 SMO internal Coil

Masterinox is proud to have carried out an innovative Research and Development project by developing an innovative reactor with a 254 SMO internal coil. In particular, such activities have included the study, construction and shaping of the reactor’s internal coils.

The Project proved to be extremely challenging, since from the very beginning of the forming process the 254 SMO material didn’t tolerate the load applied to reach the desired spiral size and the material broke after having exceeded the deformation limit. In order to achieve the objectives set, the technical team at Masterinox had to recalculate and redesign how the warp of the three concentric coils inside the reactor should be made.

Despite the conditions of great uncertainty, our technicians were able, in collaboration with the Engineering Company of the contracting Client, to redesign the bending of the coils while maintaining the integrity and solidity of the material.

Please see the internal coil of the chemical reactor in our portfolio:

Reattore di Polimerizzazione per Impianto Chimico NF1300

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