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The important role of Bioreactors for the production of the anti-Covid19 vaccine in Italy

The important role of Bioreactors for the production of the anti-Covid19 vaccine in Italy

A bioreactor is a device being able to provide a suitable environment for microorganisms to grow. The finished product is obtained through the fermentation of these microorganisms under certain chemical-physical conditions (i.e. temperature, pressure, pH) and if necessary with the aid of catalysts.

Nowadays, more than ever this kind of reactor is in the limelight since it plays a very important role in the production of vaccines, including the anti-Covid19 vaccine, produced through a bio-reaction inside a bioreactor.

Due to the continuous cutbacks and delays in the supply of vaccines from abroad, Italy is working on a plan which could enable the production of vaccines in our country. At present there is a lack of this kind of plant as well as of Italian manufacturers. Just last week Mario Draghi met with the President of Farmindustria, Massimo Scaccabarozzi, in order to understand if there are the conditions to start in our country the autonomous production of vaccines already authorized.

In addition to the aforementioned lack of plants, the time factor is essential, too. Once production has started, it would in fact take 4 – 6 months to get the finished product.

However, the question is still open. As a matter of fact, there is the intention to allocate resources and organize the sites. The Government is checking the possibility to convert the plants currently used for other vaccines – which anyway would not be immediate – or to produce them ex-novo, identifying companies suitable for a rapid implementation.

For years, Masterinox has been producing bioreactors for the industry and in some way they will be in the frontline and do their best to help the country get out of this health crisis, which is seriously endangering the economy, too. By working together we can build a better tomorrow and be stronger than ever.

Here below some examples of our products:

NF1120 Pharmaceutical Plant Fermenter
NF1243 Pharmaceutical Plant Fermenter
Mixed reactors for the pharmaceutical industry – diameter size 5 m, thickness up to 150mm.
NF1120 Pharmaceutical Plant Fermentation Reactor

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