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Plate filters: further information

Plate filters: further information

Filtration is a physical-mechanical process by which a moving liquid, under the action of a pressure gradient, separates from the solid particles dispersed in it. Filtration is a quite ordinary process in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical field.

Masterinox is able to produce pressure chamber filters of different types and sizes, according to customer’s needs: these filters, compared to common filter presses widely used in the food sector, can minimize the risk of leaks and contamination. In particular,  they allow a complete automation of the filter drain discharge cycle, thereby reducing process times and costs.

The customization possibilities are almost unlimited in terms of construction materials, panel capacity, filter area, filter media, design pressure, differential pressure and flow rate. It is also often the option with the lowest long-term operating costs.

In particular, we point out a latest produced horizontal multi-plate filter, using multiple filter plates to substantially increase the filter area and filter cake capacity.

Pharmaceutical Plant Plate Filter NF1623

In the case in point, the filter bell curve and filter pressing have been customized as well, but it is possible to achieve complete automation of the process, in order to minimize operator intervention even in the maintenance and cleaning of the filter.

In addition, it is easily portable (on wheels), therefore the system does not need to be adapted to the filter but this can instead be brought where necessary.

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