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Special materials: plants and devices made of C22 Alloy Steel

Special materials: plants and devices made of C22 Alloy Steel

Masterinox is characterized by a constant search for Quality in production. With this goal in mind, a key point is analysing raw materials in order to get the best to meet customers’ needs and optimize the lifetime of the equipment we manufacture.

As a part of our experience and research, we have often worked with special metals, e. g. Hastelloy C22, a versatile nickel-chrome-molybdenum-tungsten alloy with a higher resistance to corrosion, gap corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

This nickel-steel alloy shows an excellent resistance to water oxidizing media, including wet chlorine, nitric acid, oxidizing acids, formic and acetic acids, ferric and cupric chlorides, sea water, brine and many mixed or contaminated chemical solutions, both organic and inorganic.

Therefore, Alloy C22 is the ideal solution for the environments needing an extreme resistance to corrosion.

Among the main applications to be mentioned:

  • Rooms at a high temperature up to 1250 °F (677 °C).
  • Chemical process plants
  • Pollution control plants
  • Exhaust glas desulphurisation plants
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Paper and cellulose processing industry.

At Masterinox we have been working with this material for many years, complying with the highest quality standards both in welding and non-destructive tests, using the newest technologies in this sector in order to maintain the integrity of the raw material while fully taking advantage of its features.

Here some examples for products we realized with C22 Alloy Steel:

NF1500-1501 Pharmaceutical Plant Heat-exchanger
NF1499 Pharmaceutical Plant Reactor
NF1504-1505 Pharmaceutical Plant Tank

How can you take the best advantage of this material for your plant? Please set in touch with us!